How it Works

We have a formal agreement that you review and sign. Once signed, you will be assigned a login and given access to the inventory portal of this website where you will be able to manage your tickets. You will then input any tickets into the system that you would like us to list. You tell us the specifics (Event, Date, Venue, Seating Information, Price, Type of Ticket, On-Hand Date, etc) via manual listing, spreadsheet upload, StubHub Sync, or POS Sync and we’ll get them listed. You can then, at any time, log in to the system and modify, add, or delete any part of your inventory. If you’re using one of your supported POS systems you don’t actually have to do anything to get all your listings up, they flow direct to us from your POS provider. We are alerted when a consignor makes a change and subsequently we make the change in our Point of Sale System.

When your tickets sell you will receive a ‘SOLD’ email with instructions. If the tickets are e-tickets, you will email them to us. If the tickets are traditional hard tickets, you will receive a FedEx shipping label from us and you will be responsible for shipping them same day.

You will be paid, minus our 15% fee, the day after delivery.

It’s just that EASY!