Welcome to Out of This World Tickets Consignment Division. Our goal is to make your life as a broker easier by not having to deal with the details involved with listing and selling tickets on all ticket exchanges. We make sure, no matter your size, you are never treated like the 'Little guy.' This division was created to offer consignment service to ticket brokers large and small. We will list your tickets on thousands of websites, via our Point of Sale System, which will make your tickets available for sale to consumers as well as other brokers. This wider cast net will help you grow your business quicker by turning inventory faster, all with no extra work on your part. We deal with customer phone calls, order processing, and follow up that often goes along with having your tickets listed on these exchanges. We will handle all the details; just send us your inventory (manually or via your POS, StubHub Listings, or Upload) and deliver the tickets once sold.

Benefits of consigning with Out of This World Tickets:

  • • Your tickets will be shown on thousands of websites and to thousands of ticket brokers casting a wider net to ensure quicker growth.
  • • List your tickets with no extra work on your part via our sync systems.
  • • Your tickets can stay up with us longer than many other sites.
  • • We can sell Will Call Only, Paperless, Flash, and mobile events that are sometimes restricted by other exchanges (certain rules apply, please see FAQs).
  • • We pay faster than other sites, this allows you to reinvest your profits quicker!

Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions, want any additional information, or if you would like to sign up.

Thank you!
-OOTWT Consignment Team